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Dear Friends, Every four years, NYSR prints and distributes a catalogue featuring the premiere work from the premiere NYC architectural illustrators. It’s called the “NYSR Portfolio” and it’s been consistently shown to be one of the best ways to bring in jobs… Read More »

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NYSR 2008 Portfolio of Architectural & Interior Rendering, Volume 6 To see covers of all of the NYSR Portfolio’s, click on the link in the Blog Home Page Banner.

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HAND TO MOUSE Transition from Conventional to Digital Media: One Renderer’s Experience By Andy Hickes © Reprinted from “The Art of Architectural Rendering”, McGraw-Hill, 1996 ( Three years ago whenever I encountered an article on any computer architectural application,… Read More »

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AutoCAD for Mac makes use easier but is the price too high?

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NASA’s the International Space Station offers some spectacular views, always an inspiration.

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This is a test of our new site’s video feature, here uploading a YouTube video with just the ‘CRz80PPqMcQ’ portion of the URL added after clicking on the YouTube button.

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I am a fine artist; architectural rendering for me is a day job, a salary, and a placeholder until I can get my act together. When the economy descended into chaos a couple of years ago I decided that then… Read More »

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It was a tremendously hot and humid summer in New York this year, and due to the recession work had been a little hard to come by.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or to groan when I received a… Read More »